1Stream: a pioneer in South Africa’s cloud based call centre solutions


The 1Stream Inbound ACD is the heart of the call centre and increases productivity by connecting the right caller with the right agent. It ensures that incoming contacts are routed to the right queue, priority and skills. The ACD determines which agent should receive the next call, reducing wait times and increasing first call resolution – this drives increased customer satisfaction and retention.


1Stream’s dialer is cloud based providing Predictive, Preview and Power dialing so your organization can choose the dialer strategy to meet your business objectives. Our smart Predictive dialer boosts agent efficiency by automating the dialing of multiple telephone numbers per contact, increasing the amount of time your agents are productively connecting with real prospects.


1Stream’s cloud call centre is built around a universal queue and provides multimedia functionality in the form of email, video, chat, telephone and social media. Agents work in a blended environment that enables them to receive and responded to customers in the media of their choice. By using a single agent desktop you improve efficiency and also consistently deliver a personalised customer experience.

Recording and QA

The 1Stream Recording application provides the functionality to record and play back multimedia contacts. Every customer interaction with your organisation is transparently and painlessly recorded and stored for as long as you need it. Recording is a great way to verify sales, resolve customer issues, ensure process adherence, and train agents on the correct way to deal with customers.


1Stream’s cloud based solutions plugs into all major CRM and ticketing systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com and Oracle out of the box. We’ve implemented numerous integrations for our customers in a variety of industries and our extensive experience means you’ve got the expertise of our professional services team, to accomplish your integration in weeks – not months.

Business Tools

1Stream Business Tools provide call centre managers with the applications they need to manage their environment. Whether its Work Force Management, Quality Management or Reporting and Analytics, 1Stream provides the means to effectively manage agent quality and productivity in real-time. The 1Stream management portal provides easy access to all contact center information.