Manage your customer experience with 1CRM to drive sales growth. We provide proactive and seamless conversations across all digital channels by using conversational AI and intelligent automation. Delight your customers and avoid the risk of disconnected conversations and high churn.

Manage your customer experiences

We believe that Customer Experience is a core business strategy. The strategy to provide a great experience to your customers starts by knowing who they are. 1CRM gives you a complete customer history. It keeps data or links to all the information required to service your customer. 1CRM links to your phone calls, email, chat and WhatsApp and records every inbound or outbound interaction. It sets SLA for tickets, tasks and proposals that need to be completed allowing you to offer the best customer experience.

Get CX right

1CRM provides “workflow” routing so that multiple employees from different divisions can be pulled into resolving a customer issue without needing to meet or speak. More importantly 1CRM provides dashboards for management to track workload, check for tasks that fall out of SLA and look for “congestion” points that need to be resolved. Your customers get the fast, reliable service they expect.

Convert CX into sales

Managing and tracking your customer’s experience and issues is the basis for a Customer Experience strategy. Once you manage and monitor your customer’s interactions and track their issues, the “magic” can start to happen. 1CRM provides analysis and reporting tools to expose any problems in the business so you spend less time resolving issues and more time delighting your customers.

Boost productivity and reduce costs

1CRM offers an array of automation, chatbots, dynamic scripting and voice analysis which provide choice of contact and ease of use for your customers as well as driving productivity and reducing cost of service in your business. 1CRM enables a business to implement a strategy for Customer Experience, driving loyalty and customer referrals.