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The Multi-Channel Contact Centre Optimisation Conference 2014 will be taking place from 14 -15 May in Sunninghill, Johannesburg where Jed Hewson will be part of a panel unpacking the necessity of optimising the multi-channel environment.

The increasing cost pressures facing companies, and the analysing of business areas has resulted in the interest in contact centres growing. As a result business models such as the virtual contact centre are becoming an increasingly attractive option for businesses. While there is an increasing amount of businesses wanting to optimise their contact centres, it is often questioned how they should go about in achieving this.

As part of the panel of distinguished experts, Jed Hewson, will address the topic of ‘customer experience management (CEM) across multimedia channels. He will focus on why CEM is important to businesses and how vital multichannels are in taking CEM to the next level.

The panel will also address the primary challenges that affect optimising multi-channel contact centre environment; these include the management of the customer experience across multiple channels, ensuring that technology keeps up with changing customer behaviour and channel usage, the driving of operational efficiency while saving costs, and the development of agent skills to function in a multi-channel contact centre environment

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