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Gartner predicts that 40% of Global 1000 organisations will use gamification as their primary mechanism to perform business operations by 2015. It also predicts that 80% of current gamified applications will fail to meet business objectives.

Hosted technology provider 1Stream has released a white paper outlining the potential for gamification technologies in South African contact centres. It serves as a guide created to provide a glimpse into how gamification is shaping business, what it can offer the contact centre in particular, and what senior management must take into account when implementing the approach.

Gamification is not meant to be used as a quick fix and it takes commitment from senior management. Critics believe that it is a form of manipulation, patronising to people who are good at what they do. They have a point. Gamification must offer real, measurable value to the people who use it on a daily basis.

The whitepaper looks at:

  • Gamification in the South African context
  • How businesses can leverage game dynamics to guide employee behaviour and boost motivation
  • How the use of the technology can streamline training processes and cater for individual skill sets and levels of experience
  • How motivation and loyalty can be boosted via gamification tools
  • How gamification drives innovation
  • The importance of leadership during implementation of gamification technologies

The paper can be downloaded here: The potential for gamification in South African contact centres

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