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Brainstorm Magazine - Contact centres in the Cloud

 Jed Hewson was quoted in the October feature on ‘Contact Centres in Cloud’ of Brainstorm magazine:

Quote: For contact centres delivering outsourced services, the opex pricing model and scalability offered by a hosted solution enables them to keep overheads low. This provides a huge advantage over contact centres that have committed to a large capital investment, and now sit with high fixed costs. These contact centres are often forced to price services to finance all the seats they’ve installed, even when they’re empty. Despite the fact that the business case for hosted solutions is now conclusively proven (Contact centres that opted for hosted technology solutions five years ago have saved 35% compared to those who keep everything in-house), we still hear people worrying that by contracting out, they’re somehow losing control. But truth is that outsourced providers commit to SLAs that are far stricter than most contact centres could provide for themselves.

Brainstorm Magazine - Contact centres in the CloudBrainstorm Magazine - October



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