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Cloud-based contact centres have massively increased in popularity over the past 8-10 years. Figures suggest that 41% of contact centres have already migrated to the Cloud or are in the process of doing so, and another 36% are learning more about it. Cloud-based contact centres provide your business with a number of significant benefits, including reducing your expenses, aiding your company’s growth and allowing you to streamline your contact centres.

The flexible and scalable contact centre solution
Cloud-based contact centres have the ability to effortlessly grow and contract in accordance with your needs, allowing you to customise your infrastructure to meet your specific needs. Additionally, many cloud-based contact centres provide clients with a ‘building block’ model of service, allowing you to easily add additional functionality when you need it. Some cloud-based companies will only charge you for these services only when you need them, reducing your costs even further.

Another brilliant flexibility of cloud-based contact centres is that you can add call staff to both central and distributed locations, which can be essential to successfully meeting your customer demand. You can additionally share your platform and technology over multiple sites for centralised management of multiple offices.

Meet customer demand quickly and easily
If you’re using a traditional premise-based telephone system, you’ll be aware that you have a limited number of telephone lines to the building and only a limited number of staff to answer them. This means that your ability to provide an efficient and valuable customer service is limited. You only need a phone line (whether that’s mobile, SIP or PSTN) an internet connection to operate a cloud-based contact centre, allowing them to be operated independently and from any location, allowing you to ensure that your customers never encounter an engaged tone. Cloud-based contact centres have an extensive capacity to hold customers in queues before sending them through to the first staff member available to talk.

This is perfect if your staff members have to work from home for any reason, as it means you experience minimal business disruption.

Integrated solutions for modern businesses
Cloud-based contact centres have the ability to integrate seamlessly with your CRM systems, collaboration tool and even social media accounts, giving your staff members the ability to quickly and easily find all the customer data they need for every call they take.

Not only can you achieve a high level of integration, but you can do so extremely quickly, no matter whether you’re setting up a new contact centre or improving a current centre. Often, companies want to set up call blending so that their CSRs can make outbound calls effortlessly and inbound call functionality is already readily available. Not only will cloud based software automatically integrate with your CRM systems, you won’t have to wait for any new or additional features – whenever new or additional features are rolled out, you can access them immediately with no additional integration charges.

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