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1Stream is the only cloud contact centre service provider in Africa that provides complete administrative, as well as technical services.

Businesses can benefit from world-class technology, while at the same time receiving the personalised service from a local service provider who continues to manage the deployment and technical aspects of the system.

There are numerous advantages to using cloud technology for a contact centre. These include flexibility, pay-per-use billing, cost efficiency, improved management and expert service through professionals without needing to have experts in-house. Scalability is another advantage of the technology, especially in an industry that requires scaling up during the busy November and December months.

1Stream places a lot of emphasis on the service. We believe that call centres need to be dynamic and the only way to make solutions work is to work alongside a provider with the industry expertise. We make it our job to come into your call centre, deploy the technology and ensure that it works for your specific requirements.

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