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Responsive, customer centric, streamlined and efficient – words that every call centre would like to be considered synonymous with the service they offer. And with 1Stream’s Zendesk integration, not only is this possible, but your call centre can provide exceptional service while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

With 1Stream’s Zendesk call centre integration  you can streamline your customer support by adding advanced contact centre voice functionality into Zendesk.Agents work from a single Zendesk interface that they are familiar with to handle voice, email and chat interactions.

1Stream integration to Zendesk offers the key ingredients to ensure your contact centre’s success with these unique benefits:

Leverage your Zendesk investment

Organisations invest heavily on CRM systems, and 1Stream’s integration with the Zendesk platform allows organisations to leverage the investment already made by getting more from the one system. Organisations are now able to access an award-winning solution with specialised support at a competitive rate.

A single user interface, simplifying and streamlining operations

Having a single application that takes care of all ticketing and customer support information, means heightened productivity, streamlined training and overall improved support. With 1Stream’s integrated solution, agents work within a single environment – they are able to access all relevant customer information in one place from the moment the customer makes contact (including customer details and query history) and harness all the functionality needed to provide comprehensive support. A single application solution also means that training needs are reduced, as are the demands on technical support.

Reduced costs

1Stream’s integration with Zendesk means that South African contact centres can gain access to the award-winning Zendesk system without being burdened with unsustainable costs. Through 1Stream, all the features and functionality that have made Zendesk a market leader are now available at an affordable rate through a trusted cloud contact centre solutions provider. This includes an all-inclusive cloud-based package, reduced support requirements and zero costs for inbound phone calls, dramatically reducing the high telephony costs traditionally associated with an organisation’s contact centre.

Improved customer service

Customer service is understandably one of the fundamental pillars on which a contact centre’s success is built and underpinning an agent’s ability to provide an exceptional customer experience is efficient and easy access to customer data. Having all necessary information at one’s fingertips means that agents are able to provide the most accurate and efficient solutions and services to customers and this is precisely what 1Stream offers. Telephone number look-up as well as screen-pop functionality identifies the customer making contact and brings up all information related to them, regardless of the channel used to make contact previously, (e.g. phone, email or chat). This provides a 360-degree view of the customer query history and solutions provided, meaning a customer receives seamless service regardless of the channel used or agent dealt with.

Comprehensive reporting

From a reporting perspective, knowledge is truly power and allows you to keep complete oversight and control of your help desk. It allows accurate analysis and provides clear direction for improving customer service and contact centre operations which is crucial to continued success. 1Stream’s integrated solution means that organisations have access to all the same comprehensive reporting options and functionality that Zendesk customers have come to expect and enjoy. Tickets are automatically created for new calls and associated with existing customers, and this data can then be used to pull a range of valuable reports that provide insight into tickets received, closed and pending, as well as reports on agent productivity. It is also possible to attach SLA’s to tickets to ensure standards relating to customer support are being met.

Enhanced help desk functionality

As an added differentiator, by making use of this integrated system, contact centres not only have access to Zendesk’s comprehensive solution at a local market-related fee, but in addition, they gain access to the full suite of 1Stream benefits and functionality that augment a contact centre’s ability to get the most from their solution and provide the best customer experience. For example, skill-based routing which ensures calls are passed to the most appropriately skilled agent, customised IVR for efficient query resolution, workforce management and quality monitoring.

1Stream’s cloud-based solution integrated with Zendesk’s robust ticketing system allows for automatic ticket creation, a 360-degree view of full customer history and a full audit trail and record of calls ensuring that agents can focus on the customer rather than workflow.

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