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For years organisations have been talking about digital transformation and a new era of technology. While some early adopters dove straight in, embracing new solutions and employing dedicated digital transformation officers, many tested the waters more tentatively. But as Covid-19 has swept across the country and our workforces were sent home, we’ve all been forced to move faster, adapt the way we work and embrace digital solutions to maintain business operations.

Naturally, a sudden shift in how we work can be uncomfortable, and always brings with it new challenges. As all organisational teams, including sales, logistics and operations moved out of the office and into their homes, businesses have had to face the challenge of how to manage their workforce remotely without compromising productivity and efficiency.

During this time, many teams have relied on personal phones and various video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to stay connected and while these provide valuable tools for communication, they do not answer all the questions on managers’ minds.

How can you monitor when team members are available and what tasks are being worked on? How can you manage productivity? How can you track and assess efficiency?

The answer to these lies in looking to technology and systems that are already tried and trusted in contact centres where careful management of productivity and efficiency is paramount, and where knowing exactly what agents are working on is essential to overall success.

As experts in providing cloud-based contact centre solutions, 1Stream has worked closely with clients over many years to achieve just this. Whether contact centre teams are sitting together in an office or working remotely, 1Stream’s solutions have helped streamline operations and optimise productivity and efficiency.

Now, organisations encountering the challenge of managing a workforce from home for the first time due to lockdown restrictions and government guidelines are able to look to best practice within contact centres for guidance.

Management strategies and technology solutions such as those offered by 1Stream can provide organisations with the tools needed to effectively manage all remote working teams. With communication logs, contact history, task management and comprehensive reporting, it becomes possible to maintain a high level of operation and service despite the challenging circumstances.

With businesses taking strain through a tough economic period and no clear end to this remote working scenario in sight, now is the time to partner with the experts to help you get the best from your workforce, no matter where they may be.

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