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Blame it on the Covid-19 pandemic or call it the 5th industrial revolution – whatever label you use, there’s no denying that consumers – and therefore businesses – are being driven online.

For years there has been a gradual movement toward digital platforms and channels, with some sectors and early adopters leading the charge. However, if 2020 has shown us anything, it is that adapting to this digital transformation is no longer simply an option – it is an economic necessity.

The shift away from traditional phone calls and towards other forms of communication has been clear, and we might even have opted for these ourselves when making contact with people or businesses. So it is no surprise that contact centres are having to adapt and offer the methods of contact that their customers want in order to ensure their business remains relevant and profitable in an increasingly digital age.

What this has meant in practical terms is that there has been an increase in the implementation of options such as ‘click to chat’ or ‘click to video call’ on businesses’ websites.

“It makes sense that this is functionality that the customer wants”, explains Jed Hewson, CEO of 1Stream, “People are at their computers constantly at home these days and want a quick, easy and non-intrusive way of getting in touch with a company.”

The good news for businesses is that this functionality is readily available from 1Stream, SA’s leading cloud-based contact centre solutions provider, and easy to implement with the support of 1Stream’s expert team.

Through three simple widgets being installed on a business’s website, customers are immediately able to make contact via chat, call or video call – all with just the click of a button.

All these interactions are then managed in exactly the same way that a traditional phone call would be within the contact centre system – they are routed, recorded and reported.

“1Stream’s widgets mean businesses can give their customers greater choice, while ensuring all interactions are still managed effectively and efficiently through a single system. There really isn’t a downside”, says Hewson.

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