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Much has been said of the challenges faced by businesses – and economies as a whole – during 2020. However, there are some good news stories to keep sight of amidst these too, and the growth in African economies is one such example.

Following the trend set in 2019, Africa has continued to represent some of the world’s fastest growing economies, with several countries showing above global average GDP growth.

With this growth, a new wave of technology adoption has also been needed to meet the needs of businesses operating within these countries, as well as those looking to expand their operations to take advantage of this economic resurgence. Fibre pathways have expanded, WebRTC has enabled enhanced connectivity and data centres are now plugged into worldwide networks.

Harnessing this new connectivity, South Africa’s leading cloud-based contact centre technology provider, 1Stream, has expanded its own operation to support businesses’ growth and success across Southern Africa.

1Stream’s co-founder and joint CEO Bruce von Maltitz explains, ‘1Stream is focused on streamlining contact centre operations through seamless integration and providing a single solution for all contact centre needs. Plus, with the advent of WebRTC, deployment of this solution is no longer a costly exercise and can be done with minimal effort and zero interruption of service’.

Naturally, costs and security remain high priorities for businesses. As such, 1Stream’s pay-per-use model ensures that businesses of any size can get the best from their contact centres, and GDPR-compliant measures with end-to-end encryption ensure that security concerns are fully answered.

More recent shifts in operations due to the Covid-19 crisis have also meant that businesses across all sectors have had to redefine their operational systems and embrace remote working models. Not only has this reinforced the importance of a zero deployment solution where all that is needed is a headset to get an agent up and running, but that a cloud-based solution offering a pay-per-use option has become the only viable solution for businesses to remain cost effective and efficient.

For more information on 1Stream’s solution now available throughout Southern Africa, visit or contact

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