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The contact centre space is changing. Customers expect first-call resolution and helpdesk ticketing automation is delivering a convenient, user-friendly experience.

The customer journey is the road that customers will take with a company from brand awareness right through to advocacy. Every interaction with customers is a chance to impress them and make them a customer for life. If they need any assistance along that path, the customer support team needs to be there to help.  Excellent customer support leads to increased customer retention which, in turn, leads ultimately to more revenue for the company.

Customers are the backbone of any organisation and their satisfaction is critical for success. It is no secret that the success of a business depends on laser-focused customer support practices that ensure excellent customer experiences. However, more and more businesses have transitioned from providing in-person customer service to remote customer service, and customers are increasingly comfortable using multiple digital channels to communicate. These two facts have resulted in a vital need for businesses to incorporate the use of multiple digital channels into their helpdesk ticketing systems to provide maximum help, satisfaction and support to their customers.

Today’s customer prefers using multiple communication channels such as Facebook, Web Chat and WhatsApp and they want to communicate on their preferred channel. A standalone Telephone System or Email Ticketing System is no longer sufficient. If you then add on other messaging and chat services, you risk providing inconsistent customer service and the customer experience is even worse when these disparate systems are not integrated.

Modern businesses need to utilise omni-channel digital helpdesk ticketing solutions now more than ever. Customers want to be treated like individuals not a number in a pile of emails to get through. These demands will continue to increase each year.

To keep up with ever-increasing customer service demands; productivity, traceability and integration are key. A good helpdesk ticketing solution should be easy to use and save time.  Managers should be able to quickly access reports showing what is going on at any given moment. Get it right and customers thrive because their expectations are met, get it wrong and you will soon realise that unhappy customers can multiply quickly.

Successful evaluation and analysis of customer responses are possible only when a helpdesk ticketing solution can immediately provide the user with detailed analytics. For this purpose, the solution should make use of various features, such as graphics formation, statistics collection, and evaluation of customer feedback.

Having quick access to metrics and statistics is beneficial because it ensures that the customers are happy with the overall performance of the company and feel they are receiving instant and consistent solutions to their problems.

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