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Here are four key features to look for when choosing a contact centre solution to ensure that your teams are equipped with the tools they need to operate efficiently while at the same time building customer relations, resolving issues promptly and effectively and improving customer satisfaction:

  1. Omni-channel Support

“With today’s 24/7 digital culture, customers expect to be able to engage with your business at any time of the day on the communication channel of their choice, whether that is via a telephone call, through social media, on WhatsApp, SMS, email, or live chat,” says Bruce von Maltitz, CEO of 1Stream, Southern Africa’s leading provider of cloud-based contact centre and CRM technology. This means it is imperative that businesses choose an omni-channel solution like 1Stream’s Contact Centre Solution, which is utilised by one of South Africa’s leading e-commerce giants, along with other large corporations across various industries, including travel, airlines and insurance. 1Stream’s solution enables customers to reach out on the channel that suits them best and which can be integrated with your CRM so that all engagements with customers can be easily accessed by both your customer service staff and sales team on one platform.

  1. CRM Integration

Installing a CRM like Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk or Microsoft is costly. That’s why it is important that the contact centre telephony solution you choose can fully integrate with your chosen CRM. This ensures productivity is maintained and saves precious time, money and resources as team members will be operating off an interface they are already familiar with. “As a proudly South African business, 1Stream is able to offer its customers a fully integrated local solution at local prices that aren’t subject to ever-fluctuating exchange rates,” says von Maltitz. “We are aware of the unique needs of the Southern African market and have tailored our solution to ensure local service and sales teams are equipped with the tools they need to meet – and exceed – customer expectations.”

  1. Advanced Features, including AI and Chat Bots

To ensure your business has a leading edge over your competitors, your contact centre solution needs to give your teams access to all the latest technology to maximise their productivity and enable issues to be solved quickly and easily. “1Stream’s Contact Centre Solution utilises leading-edge technology to empower team members so that they can deliver excellent customer service,” explains von Maltitz. “This includes Speech Activated Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Speech Analytics and Chat Bots.”

Speech Activated IVR means customers can be routed using either voice or keypad. This allows customers to simply describe, in their own words, the reason for the call. Natural language understanding technologies capture the caller’s speech and intentions and can reply in a customisable human voice or route the phone call to a human agent.

Speech Analytics utilises technology to automatically record all conversations between customers and agents. This technology can also be used to analyse the conversation, spotlighting any problems and enabling managers to gauge agent performance and address issues as they arise.

Chat bots are implemented in contact centres to reduce costs, improve productivity and resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently. Advanced self-service chat bots are becoming a must-have. The bot constantly learns and enhances its responses according to what your audience needs. The customer can choose to talk to a human agent at any time

  1. Ongoing support

Having access to expert support is imperative to ensure that technical challenges are resolved promptly, minimising downtime and ensuring the smooth operation of the contact centre. 1Stream’s combination of technical expertise and excellent service makes them the ideal partner to help you achieve your business goals, improve business and deliver on your CX strategy. “Your contact centre is at the heart of your business and with so many businesses functioning purely online, it is often the only person-to-person engagement your customer will have with your brand,” says von Maltitz. “1Stream prides itself on delivering a solution that will help your contact centre shine, enabling your business to grow.”

Contact us today to find out how our Contact Centre Solution can help your business thrive.

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