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Connecting to your customer has always been a top priority for brands. Fortunately in today’s world digital solutions are making it easy and exciting to do. CRM solutions are facilitating customer connections that are meaningful, engaging, rewarding and fun. Customers are enjoying bespoke brand experiences and they’re showing their appreciation with their wallets.

We take a look at some of the Customer Service trends that are leading the way:

Customer Service Stacks that are Future-Proof

  • The first step is to know your customer and understand their needs and behaviour. A single platform which connects & communicates with multiple digital channels and offers a a 360° view of the customer is critical. A single system helps your organization work collaboratively as they all have access to the information they need.
  • Channels don’t matter to customers, they just see one brand. Allow them to switch seamlessly between channels and deliver a consistent brand experience wherever you connect. Give your customers the flexibility they want.
  • Equip your staff with the right tools – wherever they are. A cloud-based system allows your team to work from anywhere, anytime. A single platform is essential to help your team communicate with each other in an informed and seamless way.

Drive customer experience by activating unstructured data

  • All CX applications must be integrated and data should be available and usable across the entire organization. This liberates data from company silos and helps to unlock new value streams.
  • Use data to drive bespoke, differentiated experiences for both customers and employees. Customer engagements are more meaningful and relevant.
  • Activate employee data to help transform the employee experience. All conversations should be digitalised so that they can be analysed.
  • Combine employee interaction data with customer data to facilitate the appropriate support and enable intelligent swarming. For example, connect complex service tickets to the right resource based on skills and availability.
  • Integrated bots and AI are important. Customers want and expect a level of self-service.

Humanisation Is A Priority

  • Transition away from user efficiency metrics and encourage your team to focus on customer satisfaction and resolution as a key metric.
  • Gamification tools improve team engagement and reduce staff turnover. Highlight top performers to motivate team members and simultaneously showcases best practices.
  • Integrate E-learning platforms to up-skill staff and develop their careers.

A solid customer service strategy supported by a leading-edge CRM solution is key for brands looking to deliver meaningful customer experiences. Your team will have the right tools to deliver great service and your customers will value your brand and remain loyal.

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