A complete Inbound, Outbound or Omni channel solution that maximizes customer service and improves the productivity in your contact centre.

Put the 1Stream solution
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Automatic call distribution allows you to route calls on skills, preferred agent, priority or system intelligence. In order to provide the best customer experience and optimize agent´s operations in the contact centre, calls are routed using the intelligent call distribution system, based on skills or in other operation criteria. So, it is possible to associate customers and agents with similar profiles (age, nationality, language…), deliver an interaction to the last agent who communicated with client or to the agent who is available for the longest time.

Outbound Smart Dialler

At 1Stream, we have refined our own predictive outbound algorithm, which automatically dials contacts and delivers only valid calls (answered). The system cyclically evaluates the number of interactions it has to initiate or abandon, in order to adjust the performance in real time. This assessment is based on previous statistics that in real conditions, guarantees the maximum effectiveness and productivity. Modes include predictive, power, preview and robocall.


Blending your outbound campaigns with inbound calls greatly increases productivity. With 1Stream, agents can easily move between both inbound queues and outbound calling lists to make and receive calls. With Blending calls are automatically assigned to inbound agents working on outbound campaigns when inbound traffic volume peaks. When inbound traffic is low, agents can use that time to work on automated outbound dialler calls. Priority and SLA metrics ensure that the right calls get the right attention.

Multimedia Contacts

Agents can simultaneously handle several multimedia contacts in a single interface. The intelligent automatic distribution of multimedia contacts allows you to route contacts based on; preferred agent, skillset, priority or system intelligence. This way, it is possible to improve contact centre productivity and customer satisfaction as all contacts are routed, recorded and reported on in a single application. Multimedia contacts include voice, email, fax, instant messaging, WhatsApp, social media and data objects.

Optimise your contact centre
with an omni channel solution.

Our multimedia and blended solutions increase agent productivity through cross skilling. By implementing a single universal queue for multiple channels (including voice, email chat, social media and WhatsApp) every interaction can be routed, recorded and reported on according to the desired SLA.

At 1Stream we understand that reporting is critical to productivity. We offer realtime recording of all interactions including screen, voice and multimedia to an encrypted and audited secure central storage. Retrieval of any recorded interaction from as single supervisor tool.

Quality Monitoring is a web application, allowing you to monitor agent performance and offer remedial training through e-learning modules. The Quality Monitoring tool aims to meet the requirements of legal compliance and/or the performance evaluation of agents. In the 1Stream Quality Monitoring, all voice and multimedia streams carried out by agents are made available which enables supervisors to track all calls, e- mails, chat sessions and social media interactions.

1Stream offer a web based tool for contact centre management. Managers are able to remotely access the system via the internet to make changes or monitor performance.

The 1Stream Integration to WhatsApp is provided via the official WhatsApp API which enables agents to manage WhatsApp interactions. All interactions are routed, recorded and reported on in single universal queue.

The 1Stream aftercall survey can be applied to all calls and provides the contact centre management with a variety of responses to survey questions. Ideal tool for deriving NPS scores.

We offer full blown IVR services for all media types incorporating XML scripting for advanced call management.

1Stream provide a VOIP based PBX solution for back office users including soft consoles, soft phone, hard phones, converged phones, mobile applications, hunt groups, IVR, voice mail and end to end reporting.

OneAgent is the agent web application (available through WebRTC technology). It offers a fully unified multichannel and multisession interface which maximises the service quality and the agent’s performance. It has interaction controls (answer, hold, conference, recording), sidebars with statistical information, excellent audio quality, notification mechanisms and chat with supervisors. With this tool, agents can be located anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection and a browser, without any extra software.