It’s time for cloud integrations

1Stream seamlessly integrates with your business applications to create a single interface for agents

CRM integration with 1Stream

With 1Stream embedded into your CRM, you create a powerful combination of telephony and CRM that works better together. Agents improve productivity by working from a single application and are able to click-to-dial from the CRM application.  Customer records are automatically updated after a contact ensuring teams are up to date on all customer communication.

Prebuilt standard CRM integrations

1Stream provides pre-built integrations for leading CRM solutions — Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Zendesk, Sugar and SAP.  Agents work from a single user interface with access to all the information they need to manage customers.

Additionally, 1Stream has an extensive framework of APIs to build custom CRM integration solutions.

SalesForce Integration

1Stream’s Standard Salesforce Integration for Inbound Users

1Stream seamlessly connects to Salesforce, offering a unified solution that is effective, affordable and highly customizable.  It provides an integrated communication channel to better serve customers.

Salesforce Predictive Dialer Integration

The Advanced Salesforce Predictive Dialer integration provides users with all the functionality available to inbound users as well as the ability to be part of predictive dialing campaigns.  Salesforce administrators can create the outbound campaigns in Salesforce from where they are automatically pushed to the predictive dialer.   Agents work from a single Salesforce environment with all the benefits of a predictive dialer.

Zendesk Integration

1Stream connects to Zendesk, creating a single interface that enables users to work more efficiently from one workspace.  With 1Stream integration, users are equipped to provide personalised service from one unified application and manage every customer case towards a faster resolution.

1Stream can easily scale to meet the needs of your growing contact centre and with our pay-per-use billing model you only pay for what you use.

With the Zendesk and 1Stream’s cloud-based contact centre, you get call management and ticket handling all from one screen, so users no longer have to switch between screens.  Users are able to improve productivity and deliver a more engaging customer experience.

SugarCRM integration

SugarCRM is an innovative customer relationship management system that monitors the journey and interactions of each client. When combined with OneContact CC, contact centre agents use a multi-channel desktop, which provides the relevant information in a single interface, without the need to change applications.

Agents have a deep knowledge of every client, their personalized data and business insights. With these capabilities organizations can improve the agent´s performance and call centre efficiency, while delivering an engaging customer experience.

Microsoft Dynamics integration

1Stream fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allowing audio, video, chat and email interactions, enabling users to access customer information directly from the Microsoft Dynamics database.  Inbound contacts are referenced against the Dynamics data so users are instantly informed about the customer they are dealing with.