A new way to manage your corporate unified communications

Light and low cost solution for simplified needs

Worldwide corporate telephony with VoIP technology for your business. Centralized Management of physical, softphone, mobile and convergent extensions. Simplifies the process of routing calls and call reception throughout features such as voicemail, hunting groups and auto-attendants.

Our business always enabled the reseller and the end client to be able to self-manage their portfolio of services. We felt that OneContact PBX with its self-management tools allowed a “normal person”, not a telephony expert to use it in an easy way. Also the simplicity of the IVR section, managing users, the automatic and remote set up of handset, all of this gave us a product differentiator.

Integrated management of communications

OneContact PBX is a VoIP business solution that enables the integrated management of fixed and mobile communications, “on premises” or “cloud”.

Easy to use

Its advanced features simplify the process of routing and call reception, adapting effortlessly to each customer setup.

Flexible and functional

With OneContact Cloud PBX you don´t need to invest in new equipment, its functional architecture allows it to operate side by side with other systems and manage multiple offices, geographically dispersed.

SIP Extension

Fundamental PBX features

Physical extension
3rd party softphone extension
Integrated Voicemail
IVR with TTS
Waiting Queues
Hunting Groups
Dial Plan Profiles
Automatic Terminal Provisioning

UC Extension

Softphone and mobile

Everything in SIP Extension plus
Instant Messaging

Operator Console

All-in-one operator console

Everything in SIP Extension plus
URL loader
Web Based Interface

Converged Extension

Unified extensions

Physical and Softphone legs
Physical and mobile legs
Parallel ringing