1Stream provides rich and robust customer data that can transform your business. Enable your team to spot issues immediately and make real time decisions.


1Stream’s end to end reporting services provide detailed metrics for all stakeholders – from the CEO to the most dedicated team manager.

Advanced reporting

1Stream’s advanced reporting allows customers to merge data from multiple sources and provide a single view of contact centre productivity. Solutions including integration to Tableau, Qlikview and Power BI.


1Stream provide easy to implement browser based wallboards with standard screens for all the metrics your contact centre needs. A custom tool allows your administrators to mash up all your contact centre metrics into one location regardless of where the stats come from.


“Get the right call to the right agent at the right time” 1Stream Workforce management is a fully integrated optimization tool providing forecasting, scheduling of agent work shifts as well as automatic adherence management. Features such as shift swap and training slots make 1Stream’s WFM the smart choice.


1Stream’s e-Learning module can display an interactive and tailor made course (during or after work). The skills are updated according to assessments made and the results are sent to the supervisor, who can also forward agents reports and other relevant information.


Employee engagement is a challenge in all companies and specifically in call centres, where high KPI variations are observed depending on staff motivation. With Gamification engine, it is possible to boost agent motivation, improve performance and skills without lowering the service level – all within a gamified and fun environment.