Call monitoring is a fundamental challenge for contact centres. It’s time consuming, expensive and often doesn’t provide a holistic picture of what is happening in a contact centre. Advancements in technology, and specifically artificial intelligence (AI) are changing this. Speech analytics is emerging as the latest trend revolutionising the way the highest quality, most efficient and customer-centric service is maintained.

Speech analytics allows you to:

  • Automatically transcribe all calls and analyse these to get a better understanding of the service being provided to customers.
  • Identify key words and phrases, but also moments of silence as well as instances where there are speech collisions (i.e. where the customer and agent overlap in speaking).

The benefits are significant:

  • Customer satisfaction levels can be determined for every call.
  • Trends can be easily highlighted and steps can then be taken to address an issue, improve a service or provide essential customer care.
  • Clients can ensure that compliance requirements are met.

At 1Stream, we’ve launched a local solution. Our solution comes with a tailor-made language pack developed specifically for the South African market, and most importantly it’s cost-effective and accessible. Now South African businesses can harness the power of speech analytics and use innovative tech to enhance their customer service.