Bill Gates said, “How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” With that in mind customer relationship management has never been more important. All-in-one and software-based CRM platforms have revolutionised the way in which organisations can use customer information to manage relationships and make meaningful connections.

Traditional ‘call centres’ have transformed into ‘contact centres’ with online retailers like Takealot using multimedia interactions and omni-channel solutions. To deliver these innovation channels, a modern contact centre needs integration between the CRM platform and the telephony system. This is where 1Stream comes in.

We know that ‘integration’ isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept so we’ve identified 3 key areas that should be considered:

1. Customer Relationship Management and Ticketing System
Productivity is enhanced when customer details appear on the agent’s screen, through time-savers like click-to-call and the ability to track all work completed by agents. Agents can also offer personalised service by having immediate access to the appropriate information.

2. Multimedia Contact Centres
Customers are communicating with contact centre through multiple channels – voice, email or chat. The 1Stream telephony integration updates to the CRM records so that regardless of the channel of communication, an agent is able to access the customer history and provide seamless service.

3. Reporting
The 1Stream solution offers simple to understand and easy to use reporting tools. The solution allows contact centre managers the opportunity to merge data sources, rapidly generate complex reports and produce a selection of graphics that make specialised reporting easily understandable. This is especially important where disparate systems are used and data needs to be consolidated into one reporting engine.

At 1Stream, we understand that each of our clients has unique integration requirements. Our cloud platform offers, speed to market, flexibility and cost modelling that can be implemented for your particular needs.